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IOD Vintage Decor Moulds.  |

IOD by Prima silicon molds for beautifully dimensional vintagey baroque goodies to embellish your décor and craft projects. AND they play well with so many many types of media- air dry clay, polymer clay, earthen clay, hot glue, even chocolate (food safe rated)! Practically any molding medium. Ooh la la!



Q. I’ve used the paper clay in the moulds and seem to have some cracking and/or warping. What can I do about this?

A. Paper clay shrinks and this causes a small amount of warping, and sometimes cracking. You CAN let them dry in the moulds to minimize this, but we really like to adhere the pieces while they are still moist to a piece, and allow the cracking to occur on the natural contours (this also makes it easier to not break them). What we love about paper clay,is that it is light weight, rigid (though does not have tensile strength, so it’s suitable for things that are on a stable surface), and holds an amazing amount of detail– without baking. For the artist who is doing vintage or distressed style pieces, paper clay cracking is actually encouraged, and we enhance the cracks, as a part of the mixed media and distressed style. Please take some time to watch the videos linked above on this page to see others using the paper clay in the moulds for more help!

Q. Can I use the paper clay moulded pieces while damp? Should I wait for them to dry before adhering them to my project?

A. Yes! You can actually glue your moulded pieces while still damp to your project with the appropriate glue. ( I like to use wood glue for most of my projects) It will dry in place and therefore be shaped appropriately for your projects.

Q. What are some ideas of materials I can use in the Vintage Art Decor Moulds?

A. Most anything you can think of will work in these moulds, which are versatile and hardy because they’re made of silicon. If you do bake with them we suggest purchasing a different set and not mixing the crafting with the baking set. You can use chocolate, fondant, sugar paste, polymer clay, paper clay, paper machete ( this can tend to stick to the moulds a bit, so play with the proper consistency ) baking clay etc. etc. etc. ( google Art moulds and you’ll come up with bazillions of ideas!)

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