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All damages and shipment queries can be submitted through our ticketing system below. Please take a moment to troubleshoot your inquiry through our FAQ options. Should you be unable to find an answer to your question, please email us at


Where do I place my order?

The Fusion retail portal is where you go to log in and place your order. Log in here

Can I add to an existing order?

Log in to the ordering page to check the status of your existing order. As long as it has not shipped, meaning the status shows as “Processing” or “Packing Slip Printed”, you can create a subsequent order to add to it.

Be sure to add a comment on the new order indicating the original order number you are adding to. You will see a spot near the bottom of the order form called “redemptions/coupons” and this is where you type in SHIPTOGETHER. This discount code is only to be used when an existing order is being packed up.

What is the status of my order?

Log in to the ordering page to check the status of your order. Click on “MY ACCOUNT” to see a list and status of all your orders.

There are three order status types:

  • Processing – your order has been received and is in the queue to be packed up.
  • Packing Slip Printed – your order is currently being packed up.
  • Shipped – your order has left the warehouse and is on its way to you. Once the order has been picked up by the delivery company, you will receive an email containing your order tracking details.

Can I save my order progress?

If you are in the middle of an order and want to finish it later, you can save the progress. When logged in to the ordering form, click “Proceed to Checkout” and from there you can click “Log Out”. This will save your progress to be completed later on.

If you have an item in your order that subsequently goes out of stock, it will be automatically removed from your order.

What does it mean when an item says 'Coming Soon'?

Occasionally there are times when an item is out of stock. When this happens, that item cannot be ordered until stock has been replenished.

There are the rare times when inventory counts may be slightly off. If you have ordered an item that showed available but isn’t, you will receive an email indicating that your packing slip will note that back ordered items are to follow shortly.

How do I pay for my order?

Once you have completed adding items to your order and are ready to check out you will be redirected to PayPal where you can use your credit card or your PayPal account for payment. We do not accept e-transfers.

If your credit card has limits on the amounts it can process, please break your order into two orders and use the “SHIPTOGETHER” coupon code on the second order.

Why won’t my order payment process?

Should you try to place an order and it does not complete or you are presented with an error code 15005, this is likely because your financial institution has flagged the transaction as being potentially fraudulent. The transaction will not have been completed. Contact your financial institution and let them know it isn’t fraud and arrange to have a note on your account to ok these transactions.

I'm getting 'Error Code 15005' when I try to place my order.

This is a Credit Card processor decline error. Please call your credit card company to find out why there is a block on your card for this transaction. From a security perspective, for the bank online transactions are less secure / trustworthy than physical retail terminals and as such online transactions require additional security such as address verification and cvv – also depending on the bank they may have different maximums for online payments vs physical. Some banks will give PayPal good information (cvv wrong, invalid number, wrong expiry date, insufficient funds) others will just return a generic ‘failed’ message for any scenario – all PayPal will say is 15005 card rejected by the bank. If this error occurs it is best to call contact your credit card provider, and they should be able to tell why the card was rejected and if necessary ‘un-block’ it to allow the next attempt or be able to tell if any information didn’t match. This is for your protection of fraud.

Why was I charged more than the order total?

We will only ever charge the amount that was shown on your order. If there are any additional charges or fees, please contact your financial institution for an explanation.

How do I change my shipping address?

You are able to maintain your shipping addresses under “My Account” on the ordering platform. If you are moving locations, your move must be preapproved by the applications team in order to abide by territory policies. Email to obtain this approval.

If you are changing the address on an order, make notes in the comments section indicating the reason why. The team is not able to make any updates to your individual profiles as we do not have access to your accounts.

How are shipping costs calculated?

The base shipping rate is $29.99 no matter what the weight or number of items being ordered. Shipping costs are then calculated after that based on the weight of the order and the destination address. To receive the best rate, consider placing larger orders as opposed to multiple smaller ones.

Can I get my order rush shipped?

If you request your order to be expedited, make a note in the comments section of your order requesting this. The warehouse team will contact you with a quote for you to approve. Upon your approval you will receive a separate PayPal invoice for this charge. Note that expedited shipping will not be refunded in the event there is a delay with the delivery company.

There may be times that expedited shipping will not be available given the volume of orders currently ahead of yours or because of the warehouse being understaffed due to vacations/illness, but we will communicate this to you by email.

When can I use the shipping discount code?

SHIPTOGETHER discount code can be used when you are placing a subsequent order to add to an existing order that has not yet shipped from the warehouse.
Please note that the SHIPTOGETHER coupon can only be used on a Fusion order. However, you can also use it if you are placing orders at the same time for other brands besides Fusion (MMS or HH) as these orders can be shipped together.

Why can’t I log into the system?

Many of our merchants require multiple accounts for the different paint brands (MMS, HH, Fusion). Each of these accounts requires unique login credentials meaning a different email address for each one. Ensure you are using the correct email address for the brand you are wanting to access.

If you can’t remember your password, select “Forgot your password?” on the login page and a temporary password will be sent to your email address.

Should you not receive the temporary password, please check your junk or spam folders.

Where can I get a copy of an order invoice?

Log in to your account on the ordering portal and click on “My Account”. All past order invoices can be viewed and printed from there.

Can I return or exchange products?

We do not accept returns or exchanges.


How long before my order will ship?

The warehouse works to have orders ship within three business days. Any order received after 10am EST is considered to have been received the following business day. With COVID restrictions and safety protocols, our shipping times may be a bit longer. Look for any shipping updates in our newsletters.

Why is my order delayed at customs/border crossing?

We follow all protocol guidelines and provide all required documentation for a swift border crossing. Occasionally, delays can happen; random inspections by border services. Typically the delay is no longer than two days. This is out of our hands and cannot help expedite this process.

Can I specify delivery instructions for the delivery company?

We are unable to relay specific instructions to delivery companies (leave box unattended or without signature). If a delivery would take place based on these instructions and be lost, there is no recourse for reimbursement.

How will I know when my order ships?

You will receive an email confirmation from us letting you know your order has shipped and email confirmations will be sent from the delivery company when they have picked up your shipment from the warehouse. If you have not received a tracking email, check your junk/spam folders as they may have ended up in there.

Can I pick up my order at the warehouse?

Your order can be picked up by yourself but not by courier companies. When placing your order make note that it is for “store pickup” and what day best suits you and we will work to accommodate. A minimum of 2 business days lead time is required; this lead time may change depending on order volumes. We are not open on weekends and holidays so do not include those days in the 2-day lead time.

You will receive an email stating when your order is ready to be picked up. You can then proceed to the warehouse Monday through Friday between 10am and 6pm for the actual pick up. Please call (416-504-9984) five minutes in advance so we can get your order to the door for you.


Monthly Newsletters

We send out monthly newsletters to keep you updated with new products, promotions and any news! If you do not receive these newsletters, check your JUNK/SPAM folders. Please email us to with your preferred email address or staff addresses you would like to add. 

Product Photography

There is an entire library of product photography in both web and print resolution available for the strict use of promoting the Fusion Mineral Paint brand. Log in to the retailer platform and click on “Product Images” icon box to access the pixieset link to these images.

Social Media Guide

There are currently three interactive Facebook groups that you can access and share content from.
Fusion Mineral Paint
Milk Paint by Fusion
Paint It Beautiful

There is a private merchant group as well. Send an email to with the email address associated to your personal profile page and we will send you an invite to this group. Facebook does not permit business pages to join groups. Staff members can also be added to this group using the same process; send along the email address associated to their personal profile.


There are currently two interactive Instagram pages to be accessed and shared from.
Fusion Mineral Paint
Milk Paint by Fusion


There are currently two Pinterest pages to be inspired by.
Fusion Mineral Paint
Milk Paint by Fusion


There is a great YouTube channel containing over 100 educational videos with new ones being continually added.
Fusion Mineral Paints


Product Questions

There are multiple resources available that provide details on all products.

Stock & Inventory Updates

If an item is listed as “out of stock” or “coming soon” it will be back in stock within 1-2 weeks time.

We are working diligently to replenish stock as quickly as possible and increase production 7 days a week 16 hours a day.

Unfortunately due to many moving factors and challenges still presented to us due to COVID-19, it is impossible for us to have an exact list date for sale.

For the most accurate and up to date information on current stock availability, please log into your ordering portal and click on “Order” to see the full list of what is currently available.

Please note that sales are on a first come first served basis, in addition should you have something saved in your cart, it is not guaranteed to be yours until the check out procedure has happened and the product has been paid for, at which time the product is then yours.

We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your patience as we navigate these challenging times through all supply and logistics channels currently.

MSRP & Price Lists

Price lists for all products can be found on the ordering portal.

Merchant Training

Training videos intended for Fusion Merchants only available here to focus on how to sell the products. These videos are available through the online platform. You must have ordered and paid for these videos through the ordering form. The videos will then be made available to you within a 24 hour timeframe during regular business days. 

Should you not have access to these videos and have previously paid for them (either online or through a start up package) please let us know via the contact form below.

Merchant Facebook Group Purpose & Policy

We created this group as a merchant to merchant platform. A space where you can come to inspire your fellow merchants, ask advice and be inspired yourself. 

The ultimate goal is for you to become a Fusion paint expert with all of the correct advice for your clients, to better increase your direct sales and to grow your businesses. 


To maintain the positive focus and purpose of this space, examples of allowed topics for discussion would be, but not limited to;

How to merchandise, POP materials, photos of displays, how to upsell products in your store, how to run workshops etc.

This is a global group consisting of nearly 1000 merchants (and quickly growing) in over 30 countries and because of that, these topics do not qualify for discussion on the global group and will be removed:


shipping costs


product “defects”

specific or private individual concerns 

Fusion company policies


Any posts of this nature will be automatically removed by admin.

As we have grown exponentially over the years, to maintain key focus for Jennylyn, Loree and Meagan, they will no longer be on the group available for tagging purposes. Please consult the FAQ's and follow the directions there to receive the support you need from our qualified team at HQ. 

We look forward to aiding in product advice, posting information and/or discussion topics to help you grow your sales with Fusion Mineral Paint and renew this space of merchant inspiration. 

Thank you for helping us keep the focus of the group, for any inquiries please visit the Merchant FAQ's page. 


 ⁃    The Fusion Team 

Staff Training

To obtain access to the training videos only for staff members, send their email addresses to Your employees will be able to login and watch the videos but will not have access to wholesale pricing or the ability to place orders.

Direct Sales

In the event a customer is unable to obtain the products they’re looking for, be it due to lack of stock or local merchant doesn’t carry it, Fusion will direct them to the ‘Where To Buy’ link to find an online merchant profile. The Fusion team will always support its independent merchants by directing people to their local retailers. Only as a last resort would we directly sell to a customer.

Third Party Sales Sites

Fusion has been selling on Amazon, eBay and Etsy since its inception in 2014. The purpose for us selling the products ourselves is to be able to control pricing and not allow undercutting below MSRP.

For a short time, all approved merchants were permitted to sell on these third party sites. There were many reported issues some of which included incorrect product information, poor customer service and price undercutting as well as free shipping. We had to make changes in order to maintain brand reputation.

There are a number of benefits to us selling online as opposed to needing to manage individual sites.

  • Selling prices 20% above MSRP
  • Never offering free shipping
  • Not affiliated with Amazon Prime
  • No advertising for these platforms

As per your Merchant Agreement, territory is non exclusive. There is a general guideline of 20 km/15 miles that we try to work with, however this changes based on many factors. Any potential Merchant within that distance goes to the applications team for vetting. The applications department takes all things into consideration such as population, demographics, sales, store types, store hours, workshops, brand growth, product availability etc. Our goal is to support our current retailers while growing the brand and making the paint available to our customers! To maintain your current client relations think of offering loyalty programs, newsletters and increase communications and social media postings. We look forward to your business growing with us!
Full Fusion Line

What is the Full Fusion Line?

Listed below is everything we require our retailers to carry! We appreciate your efforts to fully represent our line and put your best foot forward as a Fusion Mineral Paint retailer!

Any colours or products you did not receive in your first order will need to be ordered when they become back in stock. Check back into the ordering form to see what is in stock so you are fully representing Fusion as soon as possible. You will need to keep track of your inventory ongoing and as well. You are not required to carry any discontinue or limited run colours as well as a few speciality products.

This list of the must have essentials will help you until you are familiar with our lineup.

Fusion Mineral Paint Colours (Both tester sizes and Pint Sizes Required):







Blue Pine*new*



Cathedral Taupe





Coal Black





Fort York Red

French Eggshell



Homestead Blue


Lamp White

Liberty Blue



Little Lamb

Little Whale

Midnight Blue





Picket Fence


Prairie Sunset

Pressed Fern


Raw Silk

Renfrew Blue

Rose Water*new*


Soap Stone


Victorian Lace*new

Fusion Metallics Collection


Brushed Steel


Champagne Gold


Pale Gold


Rose Gold

Vintage Gold

Finishing products/Accessories

TSP Alternative

Ultra Grip

Glaze Antiquing

Glaze Clear


Brush Soap


Stain and Finishing Oil - All in One

SFO Cappuccino

SFO Driftwood

SFO Ebony

SFO Golden Pine

SFO Natural

SFO White

Tough Coat



Furniture Waxes in both sizes







Hills of Tuscany

Other Waxes & Hemp Oil:

Distressing Beeswax Block

Beeswax/Hemp blend Wax

Hemp Oil 250ml & 500ml

Embossing Paste

250ml Smooth Embossing Paste Pearl

Transfer Gel

Transfer Gel - 250ml

Moving or Adding a Second Location

Could you please let us know a little bit more about your new location by us an email at

1. Is this location a Booth, or Brick & Mortar storefront of your own?

If it’s a booth inside another store or market, please provide the store name.

2. Please list the full store address of where you will be retailing the paint.

3. What is the date you will be starting up at your new location?

4. You must agree to the latest digital agreement when you log in to your acct, which will then cover any new approved locations.

A few things to note :

You will need to carry and stock all Fusion products at any new approved location(s) within 3 months of approval and be open a min of 3 days a week.

You are welcome to order a new start up package, or place an order manually, whatever works best for you! We just want to be sure you start with a full display will all colours and products in stock within 3 months time.

Once approved, we will add your second location to our where to buy map! :)

Thank you for growing Fusion Mineral Paint!

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